YOH FEST!...but not as you know it

2020 was a unique year that saw us enter a new paradigm of social dynamic and practice. Never before had it been so important to give voice to those who are marginalized and isolated. Support for the mental and social health of young people has never been more paramount than right now.

YOH FEST has traditionally been placed to address this niche, with a festival that promotes health messages to a young state-wide audience; with thousands of school aged participants devising performances and visual arts works.

It has always been a unique forum for sharing the voice of young people. Moving forward it is essential to record and preserve the experience, challenges, discoveries and messages of today’s young people for prosperity.

With all the restrictions that came into place during 2020; we came up with an alternative platform for YOH FEST in the form of an on-line digital showcase : The Act-Belong-Commit YOH ‘Screen’ Fest and changed the theme to ‘ISOLATION’

We asked participants to get creative with the Arts; using the tools available to them to - record their art form, edit it, then send in their creations.

Showcase Sneak Peak

  • Lies We Tell

    Lies We Tell

    Hi, we are Court Grammar School, and this is our performance titled “Lies We Tell”. This Act Belong Commit YOH Fest piece explores the increase in male eating disorders, and how this is often gone untreated due to it not being ‘manly’ and males think they appear ‘weak’ for seeking help. This piece was filmed and performed by Year 10 students.

  • The experiences of an immigrant

    The experiences of an immigrant

    After fifteen year old Jocelyn Dale was forced to move halfway across the world, adapting to her new life in Australia has proven to be quite complicated. Used to the year of online schooling in England, getting back on her feet and going to regular school has been a big jump. Balancing her new social life and schoolwork, Jocelyn can speak for many teenage immigrants who’ve faced the same difficulties in moving. How will she fare following the trials of modern life in Australia?

  • Bluff Point Primary

    Bluff Point Primary

    With our performance, we hope to remind the audience that everyone is unique in their own way. It is okay to share your true self with your friends, and in the groups you join. So: "Bring YOUR own original song!"

  • This is me

    This is me

    Hi, we are Court Grammar School, and this is our performance titled “This Is Me” This Act Belong Commit YOH Fest piece explores the idea of inner beauty, and how others judgments on appearance is not a true reflection of a person’s sense of self. This piece is filmed and performed by Year 10 dancers.

  • The reality of yourself

    The reality of yourself

    My painting 'The reality of yourself' displays the multiple facades we display for others. I utilised the gouache paint in a warm-toned palette to create an image that depicts the varied and unique facets of oneself.

The Act-Belong-Commit health theme for 2021#Keeping Up Appearances

In 2021 we are challenging participants to explore what could help young people as they try 'keeping up with appearances'.

Keeping up appearances is not new. People have always tried to fit in and pretend that everything is better than it really is by the way that they dress or behave. But are young people being impacted more than ever because of the ubiquity and power of social media? Is it creating anxiety about personal success, wealth and body image? Is the internet a treacherous place or is it an opportunity to help young people in positive ways?

When exploring this year's theme, think about the coping strategies that can be applied to create a better outcome (such as act-belong-commit).

To our YOH Fest supporters for 2022Thank You!

Principal Partner:

YOH Fest has had a long standing partnership with Healthway and this partnership is of paramount importance to the success of our mission. Their continued support has been significant to our sustainability and growth - helping enable us to become a leading Arts based health promotion event for West Australian youth.

YOH Fest aligned with their Act-Belong-Commit campaign; adopting, preserving and leading the promotion of a core value central to the program - a healthy lifestyle.


YOH Fest is proud to be a Mandurah based project.

To have the support of the City of Mandurah, and recognition as one of the major events held in the Peel region - is extremely important.

If you would like to be part of making a positive impact on the lives of thousands of young people, enquire about financial and in-kind sponsorship opportunities that are available. Either view our capability statement, or contact us to start a conversation.